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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

PLEASE SEEK THE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE ! from a real estate broker/ an attorney/ a PRO

To Whomever, I have been a real estate professional for over 30 years. It AMAZES me when I have people ask me for my opinion in that THEY have been given the most ridiculous answers from licensed so-called professionals that think it's just cool, or okay to sound proficient. Within 2 days I have been asked to critique answers on extremely sensitive situations that affect property rights and legality. Both of their experts were wrong, wrong, wrong in proficiency. HIRE a PRO. Would you hire a foot doctor for a heart problem issue? JUST because you think a realtor knows all about real estate PLEASE seek out the opinion of an attorney at the very least. Best wishes, Mary P. Gemba Principal Broker/Owner DESCHUTES REALTY

$267,900 ne Bend starter home with 3 beds/2 baths built in 1985 with 1120 sq ft. Good buy !!!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

MORE BUYING POWER for Property Owners 62 and older......HECM for purchasing....

Did you know Ronald Reagan started an FHA government insured loan for Seniors that wanted to stay in their homes and purchase a 2nd home with their assets and equity in their primary and never have to qualify as there is no monthly payment? You can buy a $600,000 house by putting down approximately half and never make a monthly payment. The debt gets settled after you're gone or sell it or your kids inherit it and/or possibly they can assign it over to the lending institution to cover the debt. You just need to keep up to date on current taxes, home owner's insurance and home owner association dues...GREAT PROGRAM ! Works for new construction too. Call Kathy McDonald HECM Specialist/Reverse Mtg Advisor Located at the Shops in Salishan on the Oregon Coast. 541-921-8814/ 888-721-8814 7755 Highway 101 North , Ste. F10 P.O. Box 84 Gleneden Beach, OR 97388