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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Vacation Rentals in Bend were the topic of a community meeting tonite at 1300 nw Wall. Solutions were on the agenda

though we started with a hiccup from a gal from Sisters that had her own agenda and the audio wasn't working...but I felt the meeting was very successful and one of the better town meetings I've been to.
A much-appreciated lady spoke of litigation involving the Supreme Court and vacation rentals and how the owner has the right to ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY regarding same; the panel asked for her email information.  So, we're off to a good start.  One lady who is now able to stay at home with her infant is solely relying on her vacation rental money, and the last speaker said she'd owned a vacation rental here in Bend for 20 years without any flack from the neighbors and can appreciate that lady's position. This lady and her spouse visit their place regularly and she asked that folks with experience and a good track record be given some leeway to the new rules that may be handed down.
A small round of applause went to a short and sweet solution:  Do NOT allow outdoor hot tubs.
Where parking is a problem, lessen density with either one allowed per street (instead of per block as is the case in other cities); I say they get a temporary parking permit (Paid for upfront for the days they are renting) from the City with a discount for a week, etc.  That way the City has an idea of how many days the Owner is renting the place, SHOULD there be a limit of days to be a vacation rental.
A property manager smartly said for all to sign a contract with the 10 Commandments so everybody's on the same page as to what is allowed and for what one can be fined. Gayle Larson said" get a business license." to restrict the number of rentals & space. One person recommended that the Owners live on-site. (NOT possible for everybody-I say use a Property Manager.)

New construction still seems some of the better buys today. Some builders offer up to $5k in incentives...

No school today. Icy road conditions but not so bad downtown for a change...